Ostendo ERP

Ostendo ERP History & Background

Ostendo ERP software is business software that assists your staff to focus on the range of operations activities that generate the revenue and profits that keep you in business and gives your accounting software system something to account for. Ostendo Operations plus your Accounting Software System equals your complete ERP software solution.

The software is developed by Development-X Limited which based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Development-X Limited:

  • Developers of business software since 2000
  • 15,000 + customers worldwide
  • Developed 15 operational, financial and utility business software systems
  • Programming language used is Delphi. Database used is Firebird SQL
  • Active Professional Development Partner for Moneyworks, ABSS, QuickBooks, Sage Pastel
  • Clients in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, The Pacific Islands, PNG and UK
  • Clients supported through a network of independent business software consultants and resellers
  • New Zealand business employing 5 to 10 depending on development projects on the table at the time

Development-X specializes in designing and developing affordable off the shelf operational software solutions for small to medium size businesses including manufacturers, engineering, sheetmetal and fabrication job shops, sales and repairs, service and maintenance, projects, trades, contractors and construction, wholesale distributors, exporters and importers and retailers.

Their philosophy is to encourage you to focus on your real business goals through managing the operational activity of the business and keeping your existing familiar financial accounting system. During the past 20 years they discovered that business operations typically fall outside the scope of most financial accounting software systems.

At Development-X they make it their business to integrate these crucial activities into your business and your accounting system through Ostendo operations software, ensuring that you have real time information to enable you to make those important decisions that you need to make to remain in business and better still, grow your business.

Development-X supports all customers through a network of experienced independent business and computer software consultants.

Ostendo Asia Sdn Bhd and Ostendo Pte Ltd are an authorised Ostendo Consulting Partner who will assist you with pre-purchase advice and after sales service. We will help you assess the suitability of Ostendo for your business and setup the system to meet your specific business requirements.