Advantages of batch number tracking

In any type of organization, especially those that manufacture or assemble parts and products, it is
important to be able to perform traceability exercises of its product from input to output and vice versa.
In order to do this, a process called Batch Number Tracking is used.

What is Batch Number Tracking?

Batch number tracking is a process that enables the organization to trace and access information about
a specific product from procurement of materials up to delivery in the form of final products.
When products are manufactured or assembled, a batch number will be assigned. This batch number
will be carried by the product from start to finish of the manufacturing or assembly process. All relevant
information on the material source, processes, material expiry, product shelf life and dispatch to
customer information are available if traced under this batch number.

What are the advantages of batch number tracking?

Supplier Assessment
Having batch number tracking gives an insight as to which supplier provides the best materials
to produce high-quality and superior products. It aids in the assessment of choosing the right
suppliers for the materials.

Cost Savings
In conjunction with the above benefit, knowing the right supplier can help minimize possible
wastage of materials, labor cost, and defects to a finished product. Thus, translates to cost

More efficient than manual tracking
Manual tracking is not only time-consuming but also prone to mistakes.
Having automatic batch number tracking enables you to enter and access information across
all products. Thus, less repetitive task means fewer mistakes.
At the same time if a need to recall products arises, information on the defective products can
be generated easily.

Product Recall/Customer Complaint
Remember every so often there is a sudden fiasco of cars having similar issues. Then the car
manufacturer recalls a good number of its cars sold even before a customer encounters an

Batch number tracking had helped these car manufacturers to identify which specific batch had
the same issues. They can then quickly recall all the other cards from that batch. Through this,
possible accidents are prevented. All the while, reclaiming trust from customers.

We all know mistakes can happen. And when a company recognizes their mistake and corrects it
accordingly, customers understand that the company is responsible and committed enough to
follow through.

Even if you are not a car manufacturer, if want the ability to recall defective products quick and
easy, then you need a batch number tracking to easily trace and retrieve delivered products.

Simplified expiry tracking
Expiry tracking is extremely important for food and other perishable item manufacturers.
Being able to record and communicate to customers the expiry date of every product sold is an
important factor to maintain high quality standards.

Using a batch number tracking provides quick and easy retrieval of each product’s expiration
date and can help in developing better quality control system.

Compliance to certain legislation and product certifications
Batch number tracking can be an effective process to comply with certain product standard
certification requirements be it for food safety, quality and legality.

How to get onboard batch number tracking?

For automated batch number tracking, you can use Moneyworks or Ostendo ERP, business software
that can assist you with your batch number tracking needs. Its inventory management system provides a
facility to assign batch and serial numbers to specific products with an expiration date. For easy
accounting, you can also track each batch’s supplier details, what process orders were done to the
product, and what finished products were sold to specific customers. All these data can be presented in
a report for easy review.

Other than batch number tracking, Ostendo also provides a productivity method that can help streamline
your business processes. Surely, you will find the right fit for your business.
We can also assist via our support team on which method best fits your business’ inventory
management system.

Ostendo is flexible in that it can cater from SMEs up to large businesses. It is also easy to linked Ostendo
with various accounting software like ABSS & MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks, Moneyworks, and the like.
What are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial and get to see the wonders of the user-friendly system
Ostendo is offering.

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