Having an InvoiceNow network connection would mean that e-invoices can be sent and received directly between your finance and accounting systems and your customers’ finance systems with no time wasted on manual data entry or print outs that need to be re-keyed into your system.
You will join the network with more than 50,000 local businesses and the hundreds of thousands other businesses overseas.
Being on InvoiceNow network will help you improve the speed and processing of invoices in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. You will also enjoy benefits such as reduced administrative overheads and faster payment cycles.

MoneyWorks has teamed up exclusively with Link4 to provide this service in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. To use the service, for which there is a small charge, you will need to have a Link4 account

Watch a video on how InvoiceNow works here:


5 Steps to register InvoiceNow

1. Ensure your company is registered in Singapore

2. Register your company on Peppol Network by creating user account in the LinkFor network (Peppol Access Point Provider), Click to signup for new user account

3. Once you completed the signup. Please make sure that you click “My Profile” (shown below)

4. Update your company details and Upload Logo

5. Choose Accounting Software