HRMS Software

Created by HR professionals, HRMS Software gives companies the much-needed tools to manage their most important asset – the people.  We take care of your HR processes while you take care of your employees. From onboarding and attendance management to time tracking, appraisals and payroll, we’ve got it all covered.


Human Resource Management System is the perfect tool for managers and employees who need to update their records but lack the time. It enables you to manage resources more effectively online and respond quickly to management, with professional computer generated reports


It helps organisation to increase productivity by allowing employees to apply leave online. Leave applications are processed and the approval officers are notified via mail. It reduces tedious and time-consuming data-entry, as the system will automatically update the employees’ leave balances

Time Clock

It is managed the attendance data and become efficiently track your employee time. Then, it helps to reduce headache and time associated with payroll. It is related with biometric fingerprint system, RFID card clocking system, and Single/multiple door access. It is auto-calculation of pay items such as OT, Lateness, Special allowances


It eliminates the messy paperwork involved in a traditional manual claims process. It is accelerated claims processing and increased efficiency. It is configurable set up parameters for HR to customize claims items


It eliminates tedious and time-consuming paperwork required for payroll management. It includes powerful features designed to streamline your administration and employees are empowered to update their personal data online, thus enhancing efficiency.